Automating backups with Beyond Compare 4

Beyond Compare 4 by Scooter Software is handy for syncing folders. Many people use this application to sync data from servers to local storage devices. But hold on to your chair, my friends. Their folder sync can be automated through a simple script.

How It Works

load "f:\" "\\\Storage Backup\F"
sync mirror:left->right

The first line states the local source folder and the destination folder on your storage device.

The second line syncs files from the left folder to the right folder — nothing crazy.

This script can be saved in a text file and run as an automated task as often as you like. If you want a log of the results, you can add another line.

log normal "c:\myscripts\synclog-f.txt"

This saves a log with any failed files, the timestamp and if the script completed. Now you can use the time you spent manually syncing folders for more important activities, like reading blogs.