How to find your IP address in Windows

There are many different situations where you’ll need to know the IP address of your Windows machine.

A quick way to find it is to use the Command Prompt application. Search Windows for command prompt, or type run in the search box and run cmd.

In the command prompt window, type ipconfig.

Ipconfig displays the current state of your network adapters. The Ethernet adapter is for the cable connected to your machine. The Wireless LAN or Wi-Fi adapter is for your wireless card. They operate independently and can each have their own IP address.

Under each adapter name, you’ll see your current IPv6 and IPv4 addresses. In the case below, the current address of the Wireless LAN adapter is


At this time, IPv4 is still the standard for addressing on home and small business networks. IPv6 will eventually take its place entirely due to the much greater range of possible addresses.

This method to find your IP address is simple and works from Windows XP all the way through to Windows 10.